History of Grills

Grill – a device used for cooking in heat and coals. The etymology of the word is related to French grill, which means “fry”.

From the grill to the grill, mankind has been cooking meat on fire since ancient times. The first prototype of the grill can be considered the simplest grate, found in the XXXV – XI century BC. In the III century in China appeared a special kamado stove. In the Middle Ages in England was invented to use for roasting meat, the so-called faithful dogs. They were used both in castles and ordinary taverns. The kitchen usually had two dogs working alternately. They would rotate a spit while running in a special wheel, a spit. Thanks to this simple mechanism, large pieces of meat could be evenly fried. Kitchen dogs were used mainly in England and France until the early 20th century. In the XVIII century, the charcoal grill was widespread throughout the world. There is a gourmet dish – grilled pork, which for several hours was cooked on an open fire with a barbecue. In 1897 the use of charcoal in briquettes was introduced. In 1921, Henry Ford’s company began to produce briquettes for the charcoal grill from waste wood. In the U.S. from the mid-40s there was a real boom in outdoor cooking. The barbecue began to be used everywhere.

The invention of a welder from Chicago The Brick Barbecue had several drawbacks. The design itself lacked mobility. Bad weather, rain, wind interfered with the preparation of the quality products. The opportunity to get meat undercooked or dried was very great. In 1952, Chicago welder George Stephen improved the grill to make it more comfortable and functional. GrillThe first grill is said to have been built by George Stephen from a metal sea buoy by cutting it into two parts. He later welded a tripod to it. The invention resembled a metal dome-shaped stove, with a dense lid on top to preserve the flavor of the dish and distribute the heat evenly, with an opening in the lid to allow air to enter. Friends and acquaintances liked the invention, and George began to receive orders to make it. That’s how the first grill came into being. After a while, it became clear that mass production had to be launched to meet the demands of society. In the process, various improvements were introduced, convenient devices were added, and products for grilling care began to be produced.