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Grilled lamb’s leg

How do you cook a lamb’s leg on coals? If you are tired of the usual barbeque on the grill and want to try something special, and at the same time to surprise guests, try cooking lamb leg on coals. The dish is not cooked as fast as you would like, but believe me, the result is worth it.

Preparation in advance

To cook lamb’s leg on coals, take the back leg. The first step in cooking lamb on coals is to clean it. Some cooks claim that it is films and veins that cause a specific smell of lamb. To clean the meat from unnecessary fat and films, use a sharp thin knife (you can sirloin). Gently slide the knife under the layer of fat and grab the tip of the film. Move the knife with one hand first to the left, then to the right. Continue until the fat and the film have moved away from the meat. Leave a thin layer of fat and it will make the meat juicier. Wash and dry the leg cleaned with lamb. Now you can start marinating.


Salt, pepper, coriander, zira are best for marinating lamb, but fresh rosemary, thyme, cilantro or mint can be added. Don’t forget the garlic and olive oil. It is recommended to marinate lamb leg 24 hours a day. But if you have a young lamb’s leg, marinating time can be reduced to 4-6 hours. Before sending lamb to the grill, keep it at room temperature for at least an hour or two, as it is better to fry.

Sometimes the mutton is recommended to be stewed in lard. Others insist that the meat must not be cut, otherwise some of the juice will run out. There is no consensus on this, so we recommend that you try both.

There are several ways to prepare lamb leg for coals. Whichever one you choose, think beforehand about whether the lamb leg will fit on your grill or grill.

How do I cook a lamb leg on a charcoal?

The easiest way to grill lamb leg is to roast marinated lamb on hot coals using the grill grill. To do this, place the meat on the coals and roast it, constantly turning it over as soon as one side brown. The peculiarity of this method is that you can cut the upper (cooked) layers of meat and immediately serve it on the table, bringing the lamb leg back to the grill.

You can try another way – bake lamb leg in foil. To do this, wrap the marinated meat in several layers of foil, pre-watering the lamb leg with marinade and garlic. The coals should give you a good fever. To check this, hold your palm over the grill. If you cannot stand it for 5 seconds, you can start cooking.

When the charcoals are hot, spread your lamb’s foot in the foil and turn it over constantly so that it cooks well on all sides. Depending on the size of the leg and the age of the animal, cooking lamb’s leg in this way will take about half an hour.

Before removing the lamb from the grill, remove the foil and place the leg of the lamb on the grill. Roast it for a few more minutes on all sides to get a rouge and crispy crust.

By the way, the best side dish for a lamb’s leg cooked on the grill is roasted eggplants. When you bake the vegetables, take the core out of them. Salt it and add some vegetable oil, greens and fresh onions. It’s going to be delicious!